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Communists party of Communist of Russia

COMMUNIST PARTY OF COMMUNISTS OF RUSSIA (CR) the political party. The party is officially registered by the Ministry of Justice of Russia on June, 18th 2012 year.

As an organization, it appeared in 2009, after Communist Youth Union of Russian Federation and All-Russian Communist Party of Future joined forces for the common cause.

In the elections of deputies of the Duma State of the Russian Federation in 2016, the COMMUNIST PARTY OF COMMUNISTS OF RUSSIA received support 2.3% and about 1 million 200 thousand votes and became by results the election the fifth party in the country.

On regional elections in October of the 2012th year the party COMMUNISTS of RUSSIA received about 3 % of votes. This result more than at all other new parties, created after political reform of the 2012th year. However, this result is less, than at the parties, presented in parliament. The party considers this result good for the first participation in elections.

On regional elections September 2013 th year For the first time in the history of our party COMMUNISTS of RUSSIA , CR received  2 mandates in regional parliament of the Republic of Khakassia, having received about 7% and having overcome 5%.

 In addition, the party overcame 5% on elections in Belgorod and Maikop, Murmansk and now has in these large cities 1 mandates in city parliaments. Lists of party broke 5% a barrier in some municipalities of the Tver region (3 mandates) Lipetskii region (2 mandates) Krasnodarkii Krai (1 mandate) Republic Karelia (1 mandate) Krasnoyarskii krai (1 mandate) Penzenskaia region (1 mandate) Republic Tatarstan (1 mandate) Thus, in comparison with last year the average percent of party grew with3 to 4-5% of votes. Our members are elected for the first time in regional parliament.  Following the results of last elections, we keep mandates in municipalities of St. Petersburg, the Leningrad Region, Vladikavkaz, Karachayevsk, and others regions. Members of the Union of youth of party actively participated in elections also. For our recently created party this result, this positive dynamics, are very important. In the 2015 year, the party has 50 mandates in representative bodies of the power of various level, except for national parliament. Due to the receiving a large number of voices on local elections the party is exempted from process of petition signatures on elections to the Russian parliament. Today the in party totals 50 000 members and has 70 regional offices.

Young Russian communists and leftist youth in 1999 as a successor of Soviet All-Union Leninist Young Communist League (VLKSM) created Communist Youth Union of Russian Federation (known in Russia as SKM RF or Komsomol).

All-Russian Communist Party of Future (VKPB) was created after Gennady Zyuganov split Communist Party of Russian Federation (CPRF) in 2004, when he refused to step down after being removed from leadership by the decisions of XVI Plenum and X Congress of CPRF.

Communist Party and Komsomol wanted to join forces long ago, but repressive Ministry of Justice of Russia allowed them to officially register as a national popular organization only in June 2009. 

The name the COMMUNISTS OF RUSSIA was chosen as a symbol of a broad left front that is open to all Russian communists.

The activity of the COMMUNISTS OF RUSSIA is based on the main principles of Marxism-Leninism, such as its creative and scientific nature, democratic centralism, party comradeship, socialist internationalism. Communists of Russia want to establish close and multilateral relations with international communist and workers movement, left parties of the world.

The COMMUNISTS OF RUSSIA are the youngest active organization on the left flank of politics in Russian Federation. The average age of the COMMUNISTS OF RUSSIA is 40 years and below. This is mainly the achievement of Komsomol, which is one of the founders of CR and still one of the largest groups of politically motivated youth in Russia. 

Chair the party - Maxim Suraikin, head of executive committee Konstantin Zhukov, National Secretaries of Central Committee of Communists of Russia are comrades Sergei Malinkovich, Ruslan Khugayev, Alexander Shabanov and others.

Address: Russia, 125167, Moscow, Leningradskiy prospekt, 47, build. 1, office 132.

Phone/fax: +7-499-963-0-111. e-mail: komros@bk.ru

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